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Eric Shirley

My personal story

Life, Faith, Confidence

My story begins at birth, like many others. However, my parents were divorced when I was two months old. My father is a God-fearing man who loves the Lord. My mother passed away from prescription pills and alcohol. I was in bondage to pornography for 40 years. I divorced my wife and had the divorce annulled while deployed, as my home base was in Fort Bliss, Texas. I grew up in the church and had all the head knowledge of what it meant to be saved. My eyes were blind as I was a self-seeking jerk who cared for no one but myself. My wife demonstrated the love of Christ in her life, and I began to realize what she indeed had, and I wanted it. 

God Himself ultimately revealed himself to me, and it changed my life. I began to see my sinful nature for what it was and came to believe with my heart that Jesus Christ was the answer. Truth does set you free by faith alone in the true power of the Word of God that transforms a person from the inside out. My life took a dramatic turn for the better, and I haven't looked back. 

I was drowning in darkness as I was addicted to alcohol, pornography, and gaming. Laziness is still something I continue to overcome. I have been set free from the bondage these addictions attempt to drown all the pain that life brings. My pursuit is to create a community where struggles can be shared and addressed from a biblical standpoint. My heart goes out to all the men who carry a persona but want to find their true identity in Jesus Christ that only He can fulfill.

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