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What is Warriors Within?

FTPOR - For The Pursuit Of Righteousness


As men, we struggle to overcome everyday circumstances in an age flooded with ads for a world that idolizes sex, money, and drugs. I have found it hard to connect even personally with other men in the church that I indeed can be authentic around without feeling some judgment. We each have a persona.

We want others to see without opening up our vulnerability to the ones we call brothers in Christ. I am very broken as a man of God, and I know many other men struggle with issues such as identity, purpose, direction, and comparison. This blog is where like-minded men are unafraid to open their hearts to our honest daily struggles. I struggle with laziness, in which it would be nice to have someone to encourage me to be more Christ-minded. I was a slave to sexual immorality most of my life. Sexual Immorality is a topic that most men shy from; the only way we can battle any temptation is through the Word of God. (Psalms 119:11) (Proverbs 27:17) My goal is for this blog to create a community for men willing to put themselves out there and ready, to be honest to themselves and other like-minded men.

I struggle with temptation daily, as I am sure others do. We need to have a call to arms, so to speak, to battle these fiery arrows from Satan. (Ephesians 6:15-17 ). The only way we will genuinely sustain a battle for any length of time is to invest in each other as men. Each of us has a perception or a lens through which we interpret experiences, events, and life in general. The way I articulate something may ring true to some but not so much to others. The Word of God is the only truth we need to lean on, and it is refreshing to listen to a group of men talk about their views or what God has done in each person's life. God is the one who Orchestrates the events in our lives. We can either reject those events in our lives that point to a Divine Creator, or we can attest that these signs in life are how God seeks out the righteousness of men so that we may rejoice. I enjoy talking about God and many of the spiritual insights that make up the nature of God. Many people in these times struggle with the fact that God is Loving. Why does He allow so much evil in the world? He allows evil for us to have free will. God will punish all the wickedness that has ever been committed on judgment day. (Romans 12:19) God is storing up his wrath for all those who ultimately reject him. To be of the world is enmity with God. (James 4:3-5)

There is no greater love that God, ‘The Son, ’ stepped down from the throne of heaven and became flesh so that he might experience what we experience to die as the spotless lamb for our sins. He gave his own life for us so that he may pick it up again for the atonement of our sins. (John 10:17-19)

If you are a man of God looking to improve your relationship with the Creator of the Universe, I encourage you to join my blog. Let us create a community together where we can inspire, strengthen and motivate each other to pursue the righteousness of Jesus Christ. The one whose name is above every name as he obediently went to the Cross at Calvary to die for our past, present, and future sins. I would love to hear your story of what you have overcome and what you need help overcoming. Welcome to Warriors Within for the pursuit of righteousness.

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I am a son of God first, a husband to a beautiful wife named Amy second, and a father of three teenagers and an adult child. My goal is to bring spiritual truths to life while building a judge-free zone community for the brokenness in men walking with the Word of God as their guide in life.


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